The great problem of dubbing.

In this time where the internet works at high speeds, YouTube is the platform of videos that allows us to find out and learn new things every day. There is a large amount of content of different types such as video podcasts, newscasts, specialized entertainment, educational channels and everything you can think of is on YouTube. But there is an important limitation that we cannot ignore, much of this content was created in a specific language (French for example), users who cannot understand this language and want to enjoy this content are forced and limited to reading subtitles, something that many they hate and prefer not to watch, although if the content is too important for you, you will surely end up reading subtitles.

video translator app

Video Dubbing App

Ideally, we wish there was a way to watch those videos dubbed in our own language. This is where FyDub will help you solve your life.

video translator app

With the help of our dialogue recognition algorithm, FyDub allows you to obtain any dubbing in a matter of seconds without doing those annoying processes of downloading subtitles and synchronizing the times yourself. FyDub is the video dubber app that allows you to dub any video of any language in just 3 steps. Every day more users are using our application, based on patented technologies, now you have at the disposal of your Apple device the solution to your video dubber instantly. You can download FyDub here. fydub app .

video dubber

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