Dubbing a video in your language doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Dubbing now becomes a 3-step task that we want to teach you, let our voice over read for you.

Every time you find an interesting video in another language you will always have the option to translate it into your own language with our Video dubbing App FyDub.

1. Paste your YouTube video.
After choosing which video you want to dub you must insert the link in the FyDub text box.

2. Use the Star Dubbing button.
When using the button our algorithm will start with the dubbing (voice over), you will have to wait a few seconds for it to be completed.

3. Use Our Play Button and enjoy.
At the end of the dubbing our Play button will appear so you can start enjoying your video.

Download FyDub here

video dubbing
video dubber

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