video dubbing

Dubbing or original version?

This is one of the great debates among moviegoers, television series and now the internet, divided into irreconcilable camps, but the truth is that the replacement of the original voices of the actors is a deeply rooted tradition for a long time.

The first time it was done was a few years after the invention of talkies, with the 1933 film Between the Sword and the Wall (Devil and the Deep was titled in English). In those days, dubbing was more labor intensive than it is today, as professionals had to memorize several pages of dialogue and synchronize it with the actors’ lip movements, which required arduous rehearsals. Now, thanks to our dialog recognition algorithm, it is done in seconds.

During the Franco dictatorship, dubbing was enhanced with the promulgation, in 1941, of the Law for the Defense of Language, based on a similar norm created in Mussolini’s Italy and which was also approved in France and Germany. The objective was not only to protect the national language, but to be able to censor and alter dialogues for political or moral reasons.

There were interventions that border on the ridiculous, as happened with the film Mogambo (1953), when the censors decided that the characters played by Grace Kelly and Donald Sinden were brothers. His excess of zeal and prudishness made an adultery become… an incest!

There are other curious examples, such as that of the protagonist of La dama de Shanghai (1947), who went from having killed a Francoist in Murcia to charging a spy in Tripoli; or that of the legendary Rick de Casablanca (1942), played by Humphrey Bogart, whose past as a fighter for the Spanish Republic during the Civil War was duly suppressed and replaced by another as a fighter against the annexation of Austria by the Nazis.

The most veteran will also remember the voices of many characters from cartoons and series in the seventies and eighties, but everything has gone to the same place, finding a quick and easy way to obtain dubbing of different languages, this is where our app has revolutionized and provides the solution to this great need of video dubbing.

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