Vidiom is the first App that translate any YouTube Video automatically.

Our algorithm recognizes the str (subtitles) and generates the translate voices in real time so that it is understandable in your own language.

Video Translate

Has been around for years, there is a whole industry dedicated to generating voices in different languages (dubbing meaning) for many content.

The costs of these dubs are high, much of this content is paid for by international news networks, or giants of the entertainment industry such as Netflix, Warner Bros among others.

But there is always a void for people who constantly use the internet, generally don’t have access to dubbed content, resulting in less access to content.

Thanks to Vidiom now Translate videos is easy and possible for any Apple user.

¿What do I need to translate a video?

YouTube Video

Subtitles are required.

Install Vidiom

To be able to watch any YouTube Translated Video, all you need is to make sure it has subtitles (str), this allows our app to generate the voices of each dialogue (dubs or translate).

Searching video

Translating video titles

Waiting for voice translation

Playing video in your native language

Find hundreds of videos in other languages and translate them with voice in your own language!

Select the search language for which you want to get results.

Enter your search term or YouTube link in the search bar and then use the search button.

If you prefer, you can use the “Translate Titles” button to see the title in your native language of each of your results (videos).

Once you find the video you like just tap on it and our algorithm will start translating the voice of your video into your native language.

When the translation is finished, a button appears so you can start playing your video!!


Get started today

Just download Vidiom And Start Your and Start Translating Your Favorite Videos.

Simple, nice and user-friendly application, play any YouTube video in your own language.

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